As I have said before, one of the fun parts of looking for MySpace friends for music2work2 is having the opportunity to hear so many different musicians and types of music.  Many of our MySpace friends are pianists and composers of music in the classical genre. Luis Carlino, one of our MySpace friends living in Madrid, Spain, composes and performs Pop/Rock/Indie music. He writes the music and words, sings lead vocal, plays bass, keyboards, and guitars, but is joined by other musicians helping with the vocals and playing additional instruments.

I really enjoy listening to the songs available on Luis Carlino's MySpace page. The music is upbeat and quite lovely. Luis's voice is striking and pleasant. I especially like the music in Loneliness but I think my favorite song overall is Emotional Exile.

In addition to composing and performing great music, Luis Carlino has had a very interesting life, including being a teenage rocker, philosophy graduate, trained classical musician, foreign correspondent, and media executive.