When my friend texted me Friday night, she informed me that we were to meet one another at 1p at the entrance of Lollapalooza festival the following day. “Haha, we’ll see," I replied, knowing full well that the likelihood of me meeting her at 1pm was slim to none. I was already three beers deep and my innocent feet had ALL the rhythm.

When I woke up on Saturday morning I was anything but amused, I had one of those hangovers that was specially handcrafted in hell by Satan himself. It’s no surprise that the absolute last thing I wanted to do was go to a goddamn music festival. It was at this moment, I started weighing the pros and cons of getting out of bed. The conversation with my aching self went something like this: 

  • “The festival is sold out, you could probably sell your ticket and at least make some of your money back. But that would require getting up.”
  • “YOLO” 
  • “You’ll have fun once you’re there.”
  • “Go for a few hours and then come home and take a nap.”
  • “Drink a beer, you’ll feel better.” 
  • “Move your ass.”

Eventually I decided that going to the festival was the path of least resistance. When I finally arrived it was something like 4p. By the grace of the festival gods, I managed to find my friend despite the multitude of forces working against us; spotty cell service, her tiny Argentinian stature, my throbbing brain, and the thousands of enthusiastic German teenagers swirling around us. “I think maybe I am too old for festivals,” I mumbled to my friend. Luckily my bad attitude dissolved when I realized it was time for one of my favorite bands of all time to hit the stage, Hot Chip.

Though they didn’t play my favorite jam No Fit State (insert sad face emoji), they did close their set with a pretty kickass cover of Dancing in the Dark mashed with LCD Soundsystem. My apologies, the video below isn’t footage from Lollapalooza, but it's a hell of a lot better than my shaky iPhone footage. 

Other highlights from the weekend: 

1. Sneaking into day two of the festival (even though we only paid for the first day) 

2. The whole entire Deichkind set

3. Discovering how much Germans love juice (I’ve never seen so many grown men with juice holsters.)

Nicole Paulus, Nico New Media

Image by Unsplash

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