Taking a little side step from Music to comment on a recent movie that I had the pleasure of watching courtesy of Jason Calacanis and the team at Mahalo - a kick ass human powered search engine - algorithms don't have feet! "Let the Right One in" is a Swedish horror movie, it has a vampire in it - which helps - but it's more about themes like: isolation, youth, men with beards and being very fucking cold - you can almost feel the chill coming through the screen.   There is one brief reference to Brezhnev which helps date the movie - but I'm guessing it was the General Secretary's pre-Abba days - bleak would be a fair description of the world portrayed in the movie.

Check out the trailer below:

I dug it - but you really don't want to be watching this movie in a hurry - it is paced as slow as a slow thing - the clip above probably contains 80% of the entire action in the movie - and the movie's 2 hours long. If you dig the whole Bergman thing and enjoy intelligent movie making - then check it out - if you're looking for mindless escapism then this is probably not for you.