I feel like a juggler who is about to get his hands on his favorite ball; it’s still up in the air, I can see it, I know what it feels like and I know what I’m going to do when I’ve got it.[display_podcast] Last Chance is a short animated movie that tells a distinct and valuable story in a unique and provocative way. In direct contrast to the current trend towards realistic animated images – Last Chance is aiming for a more vivid impressionistic look. As Sami Nikki, the Director says, “There’s a small but healthy dose of social commentary, overall wonkiness, crazy colors and hopefully good fun.” [flickr-gallery mode="photoset" photoset="72157617932289919"] Sami and I got together in February and March this year to develop a working audio track for the movie – it was the first “visual” work I had done in years and I absolutely loved doing it. The last couple of months have seen my focus turn elsewhere but it is about to come back to the movie. The piano track and overall structure is mapped out – now it’s time to look at the next level of imagery and to start building in additional voices.

The piece you’re listening to is a development on the Last Chance theme. When I’m working on a track and I have an idea of the final structure – I like to just riff on it – forget the structure and just play around with it. I often find that in doing so I get a different perspective, an insight sometimes into how the piece can develop.

I’m posting this today to mark my intent to start developing the music again – I can’t wait for people to see the imagery – it’s very cool!

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