Piano theme inspired by my Grandmother and Miles Davis' "Blue in Green"

Written for Lally, my maternal Grandmother – this track is built around three chords: B minor, B minor7 and D major. It’s one of the first times that I sat down with a set of chords in mind for a piece.

I had been listening to “A Kind of Blue” and reading about how the sessions came about. The story goes that Miles Davis had approached pianist Bill Evans at some point before they recorded the track “Blue in Green” and handed him a note that had just two chords on it – from that, Bill Evans developed the piece and it’s probably my favorite on the album.

Lally passed away from a stroke at the beginning of the year – she was 91 and had had an incredible life. There was enough time to fly to Scotland and hold her hand and tell her we loved her before she passed on. She was a wonderful person, kind and gentle but not someone who suffered fools gladly. I love the fact that this music exists – I think of her every time I listen to it.

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