Have you ever had that experience where you decide you’re going to do something and then you suddenly start seeing this thing everywhere in your life?  I had decided to increase the number of posts on the blog about how music can affect you and I have a load of studies lined up to talk about – but before we get into any of them – check out this video from TED:

The speaker, Julian Treasure has a blog based around his book: The Sound Business – and I just subscribed to his RSS feed – I’m looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

I’ve been meaning to share how I developed the concept of music2work2 (the final year dissertation for my psychology degree looked at how people reacted to sound, more on that in another post) but I’ve always known that sound had a huge role to play in how effective we are as human beings.  This is a topic that I am going to continue to explore and incorporate into the music that is developed for music2work2.

Finally – a hat tip to Jason Kadlec – another musician masquerading as a University Professor, who referred me to this video just as I was sitting down to write about something else.  Jason’s music makes for pretty good music2work2 and you can hear it over at Dreamtempo