Some people may recognize the name, John Frusciante, as being a member of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He played a 4 year stint with them and then after several years away, rejoined the group. But he also is a solo singer and songwriter and a MySpace friend of music2work2.

There are four sample songs on Frusciante's MySpace page, unfortunately only three of the songs will play. My favorite of the three is "The Past Recedes." The lyrics and John's clear, pleasant voice are great, but I especially like the melody and the sound of the different instruments in this one. "The Mirror" and "Goals" are great songs, as well; I wish I could also hear the fourth song, "666."

John Frusciante has apparently had quite a life - parts of it very difficult. But, his music continues to be fantastic and his guitar-playing never better.