Jim Price of Midland, Texas has many talents; he composes, sings, plays piano, brass, arranges and produces Rock/Jazz/Experimental music. He has worked with many well-known artists and groups. The band members with him on the music on his MySpace page include Bobby Keys: Sax, Jim Keltner: Drums, Nicky Hopkins: Keyboards, Klaus Voormann: Bass, John Uribe: Guitar, David Farrell: Bass, and Don Poncher: Drums.

Jim Price has a pleasant voice, the music is harmonious but the unique feature in these songs are the brass instruments. I liked all four pieces of music on his MySpace page, but my favorites are "Pick a Prize" and "You Got the Power." Jim Price's music is fun; it makes you feel good. It is not your average rock/jazz music. I recommend that you check out the music of Music 2 Work 2's friend, Jim Price!