I have a friend who says that he hardly even notices the background music in a film; he just concentrates on what is happening on the screen. That is hard for me to understand since I find the music to be so important in setting the tone of the movie and interpretive of what the actors are doing.

To once again bring to your attention a MySpace friend of music2work2 and an artist who composes some music that has similarities, I suggest you check out the work of Jason Solowsky, a film composer. To be a film composer, it seems to me that one would have to be very versatile, having skills in lots of areas. Jason certainly fits that bill; he is a heavy metal guitarist, classical pianist, sings on occasion, and is even a certified bartender. Something about the way he expresses himself in the written word immediately made me think of Andrew, composer/performer of music2work2. The same sort of humor comes through in their writing.

The music you find on Jason’s MySpace page, covers a wide range of music types, as they are from some of the many independent films for which he composed the music. There are the slower tempo, melodic, piano driven pieces such as “The First Kiss” (13 Months of Sunshine) and “Until Your Dying Day” (Instant Dads;) and there are the fast tempo, thunderous sounds of “Blood Red Sky,” (Willoughby) and the squalling strings in guitar driven “Exposed” and “Driller” (Driller)

There are 20 tracks to listen to on Jason’s MySpace page; a real listening experience. For more information on Jason you can check out his webiste at http://www.jasonsolowsky.com.