It’s just over 20 minutes but if you’re looking for a heartwarming, fill you up, get inspired and motivated to make change – then watch Jamie Oliver talk about Food at TED

There’s no denying the urgency of his message and the validity of his cause – but what strikes me about Jamie Oliver is how real and human he comes across.  Here’s a guy who worked hard to develop his talent and as a result was able to leverage his success into making a positive change in the world.  How many people actually make the choice to do that?

There’s a rant in me that wants to throw a light on the salaries and bonuses being generated by financial centers across the globe – but it’s not about the money – it’s about the people.  What the fuck are these human beings doing with all the cash?  Wouldn’t it be great if some 27 year old trader made 14 million in bonuses last year and gave half of that to a program like Jamie’s?

When I look at the end of the video and I see him pause as he catches the enormity of the gift he’s been given – I feel absolutely great to be human – just like him.  I want to stand up with everybody else in the audience and applaud. 

I want to send this video to everybody who made a 5 figure financial bonus last year and ask them “What are you doing to be part of the human race?”  “What are you doing to make things better for your children?”

Jamie’s website is doing a good job of pulling information together – you can sign Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Petition – hell you can even donate.  I don’t do many of these types of posts but this one absolutely hooked me – please pass it around – just click on the red share button on the video player and spread the word!