It's essay writing time - well, it probably is for you if you're reading this!

The music was created to help you sit down and actually start to write.  Think of it as a learnable response - when you hear the slow, opening notes of the introduction associate it with the act of writing, of beginning the writing process.   The more you do this, the easier it will become to start.

 At this point the playlist consists of the introduction alone - a fairly simple walk down that describes the core theme of the piece.  I know that there are three more parts but until I play them, I've no idea what they're going to be - kinda like where you are with your essay at the moment.

I've done my outline, I know where I am and what I need to produce - now it's just time to get on with it - good luck!

The amazing image was commissioned from artist Jody Bateman Johnston - I gave her two pieces of direction:

1/ that it had to convey the idea of flow

2/ that it had to convey the idea of essay writing

I left her alone for a month or so and this is what she came back with.  I absolutely love it and hope you do too!  You can check out more of Jody's unique perspective here:

Music to make you more productive

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