Written for Piano, Cello and Viola (that hard done to and under appreciated instrument,) this is the penultimate version of SAmi's theme.  Over the next month we will be working to develop and produce the Violin track but this version stood up so well on its own we thought we'd publish it anyway.

Written with essay writers in mind and people looking for music to write to - there are three distinct parts to the theme:

The first section is a very calm and gentle introduction to the overall piece.  When I'm first sitting down to produce something, I like to set the environment and I don't want to feel over stimulated or frenetic - I'm looking for calm and relaxed and considered - and that's what this section is all about.

The middle section is where the energy comes in - the piece starts resolving out of the rather melancholic and almost spooky beginning.  The ascendant themes resolving from major to minor are what I call idea catchers or perhaps even accelerators.  When I'm writing to this I often find my typing speeding up and the idea taking shape as I get to this part.

Finally there's the out - the ending - a complete theme change and back into a minor more delicate feel.  It's a very quiet and delicate section and can be used to reflect on what you just produced.  The piece ends almost unexpectedly, it leaves you hanging and wanting more, which is the perfect place to hit repeat and start all over again.


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