I never know where the ideas or themes are going to come from, but I'm not surprised that the Fibonacci sequence found its way into the process.  For someone who's fairly obsessive about prime numbers it's kinda odd to work with such a "normal" number as 144.

I'm fascinated by the idea of a universal code, I think math is cool, I think there's power behind numbers that we don't understand but that we feel on a deep subliminal level.   And no - I'm not high as I write this! ;-p

I was using the Fibonacci spiral as a layout tool for some of the playlist art - I use the golden ratio with web design and it seemed odd that I hadn't applied it to my own work.  Of course - the minute you start playing with the ratio you're thinking of the numbers and I began to wonder what the sequence would sound like.

So the next playlist is going to examine a number of theme developments around Fibonacci derived beats per minute.  Starting out at 144, moving to 89 and probably finishing at 55 - I might take a stab at 34 just for fun - we'll see!

This track is made up of two developments played over a couple of nights - the first and longer piece is in F minor and is a little more approachable, the second shorter version is down a half step in E minor and was done to accommodate my dodgy guitar playing (not that there's any on the track!)


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