YEAH!!!!!!! Happy New Year everybody, welcome to 2007.

I'm sitting in an Internet cafe in Dublin - lubricated with Guiness and listening to "Richard My Brother" which I will have available for download soon - you know - life could be worse!!! The vacation is going superbly - so many cultures to dip into - had a wonderful afternoon listening to music at Oliver St. John Gogarty's in the Temple Bar - Charlotte would have loved it. Guitar, Whistle and Flute - beautiful stuff - all very similar but wonderful to listen to live.

Live music is such an inspiring experience to me - it makes me want to go and sit at a piano and write - I'm thinking in 6/8 and 3/4 time - movement, green grass and rolling hills - oh and the rain!!! Britain and Ireland are such extremes when compared against California - the weather is cold, the rain freezing and the wind biting - but the pints and the hospitality seem all the warmer for it.....

Looking forward to 2007 - can't wait actually -

We wish you all a wonderful and happy new year