Today has been an exhausting day. I am having to give my little dog, Doogan, liquid antibiotics for an infection. The vet told me that the medicine tasted terrible, as most antibiotics do, but he is small and liquid would probably be better for him than having to take it in pill form, due to the fact that the pill is large. They gave me a syringe to just squirt the liquid in his mouth, which should be easy enough. Wrong! This little 15 lb dog has the strength of a bull! I have never seen such a little dog with such strength. He is supposed to take the medication every twelve hours. It was a major "fight" this morning to get the medication in him - - well, at least most of it got in his mouth. But tonight I struggled with him for nearly half an hour. I needed 4 hands - to hold him, hold his head, hold the syringe and get his mouth open. After that I was completely exhausted - - he, however, was fine and ready to play.

I will have to come up with a different approach for giving him this medication from now on. I can't take the struggle any more. He is a dear, sweet little dog............but 15lbs of pure muscle!