I'm listening to Thick as Thieves by Dashboard Confessional.  I love their song Currents - the guitars sound like a cross between Coldplay and AC/DC - I love the register of the vocal and the keys are wonderfully put in - it's hopelessly romantic and passionate - I love the lyric - it says to me that even at the end of things - there's hope for the future - and shit - I'm an optimist - so you know I'm probably gonna dig it. We're developing a number of covers for the Kelli set - we worked yesterday on Bobby McGee and Ain't no Sunshine - I'm super excited about them both - Bobby McGee in particular.  We took the verse and made it minor and it works - actually - it sent shivers up our spines - Kelli and I did a couple of takes on the 31st - one slow and piano driven - one faster guitar driven - I dig them both.  We're going into the studio tonight to work them up and if things go well - we'll have video of them by Thursday!

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