I want to let you know about one of our MySpace friends who decided to help make a difference for a group of local citizens who serve their community. Charles-Henri Avelange, from France now located in Seattle, Washington, says that when he came to the United States in 2005, he discovered what the word "hero" actually means. He produced an album, The Age of Heroes, to honor all those individuals who risk their lives daily for our safety and our freedom. More specifically, his album, The Age of Heroes, became the official fundraiser for the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters. The four pieces of music available to hear on his MySpace page are from The Age of Heroes. The music is beautiful, inspiring and moving. It is especially appropriate in a time when we have heroes risking their lives in foreign countries, and heroes here at home serving their fellow citizens not just daily but during the disasters that continue to plague our country. I would recommend you check it out.