Several months ago, I went through a nightmare trying to change my phone and Internet service to the same company, at a price I could afford. It was pure hell. Everything went wrong; I was without phone and Internet service for days, spent an unreasonable number of hours on the phone or computer with tech support, to end up with a connection that was always bad. Everyone I talked to complained about the poor reception.

I found out a couple of weeks ago, that in addition to all this, they had just lied to me about the service that was included in the price quoted. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person and am pretty cautious about getting all the facts in situations like this. I had asked several times and of several different people exactly what was included in the price they were quoting me. Each time I was told it included everything – unlimited local and long distance telephone service and unlimited Internet access. Wrong!!

So, having found out that the cost was not what I was told, I have been looking for another company with which to have phone and Internet service. I decided on another company today and certainly hope that things go smoother this time. One rather sad part of all this is that the telephone number, which was assigned to this residence 51 years ago when my parents built the house I am living in, will have to be changed. It will be hard enough to make sure everyone who needs to be is aware of the new number; it will be even harder for me to remember it after all these years!