One of music2work2's MySpace friends is Cecilia Chailly from Italy. Cecilia Chailly is a multi-talented individual. She plays the harp and is the "pioneer of electric harp." She had an important classical career before beginning to write, play and sing her own music. She has recorded several albums. Three of the four samples of her music available to listen to on her MySpace page, are from her 2006 released album 'Alone,' dedicated to her father, a composer. On this album she sings, plays acoustic harp, violin, piano, percussions and flutes. I find these three pieces especially beautiful and sweet. The melodies are lovely and her voice is soft and pleasant. "Kiss From Heaven" is an instrumental piece and one of my favorites, along with Solamente tu."

Not only is Cecilia Chailly an outstanding musician, she is also a writer - working on her second novel, a painter, a film-maker, and a photographer. Check out examples of her many talents on her MySpace page.