Blackmore's Night, one of music2work2 's MySpace friends, is a band with a unique sound - sort of a mix of rock, Renaissance, ballad, folk. The band, from Port Jefferson, NY, consists of Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night - hence the name - Malcolm, Barry and David. Candice performs the vocals on the songs; she has a lovely voice. The melody of each song available to hear on their MySpace page is beautiful, and the lyrics of each song tell a story. I am reminded of music2work2's close friends, Kelli and the Shadowmen, listening to the music of Blackmore's Night.

I liked all of the songs on their MySpace page, especially All For One and Hanging Tree, the latter being my favorite. I find the pieces by Blackmore's Night equally lovely in the music and the singing - - definitely a band I would recommend checking out!