Soothing strings and gentle keys create a perfect platform for quiet contemplation. Great for bedtime or homework when you want to create a calm environment


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For a piece that was written for a wedding, it's ironic that there is only one voice playing at a time. This particular session was written to accompany the guests as they arrived in the hall and took their seats. It made sense to keep the voices separate, although connected in the middle, until after the vows! This is another session that I will take into the studio with a real string quartet / quintet.

When I was recording I was thinking about how beautiful, majestic and yet, delicate, the whole idea of marriage can be. I like to think that the idea of marriage is a good one - that you can meet another human being and create something amazing, just the two of you initially and then of course possibly more. I like to think that when people get married they're head over heels with optimism for the future and full of hope - I know I was.

I had never written music for a wedding before, I had no idea how to do it or what should be done and I fretted over it for months. With music to accompany the guests arriving, the arrival of the bride, the signing of the register and the exit from the hall, simplicity was the order of the day. Working on Victoria & Dan's wedding led to the development of the Anam Cara, a Celtic word meaning soul friend.

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