When the session "Arrival" begins, the tempo is very slow. The strings seem to say that something is about to happen - something of great importance, something sacred. There is a feeling of anticipation; the strings seem to me to almost beckon you to come and join in. About a third of the way into the session, the piano is introduced and eventually replaces the strings. The tempo of the piano becomes faster and you are aware that this important event is also a joyful one.

This beautiful piece of music was composed by Andrew for his sister's wedding. So, the event was indeed an important and happy occasion. What a wonderful gift to be given for such a memorable time in ones life - a gift composed out of a brother's love, especially for two important people.

Here is just a sample of Arrival. You can read Andrew's own commentary on this session and purchase the entire 17 minute 50 second session through Music2Work2.