I have a friend visiting from Texas, so to let her “experience” some of North Carolina and its areas of interest, we went to the area known as Seagrove today. Seagrove, NC is a small town in Piedmont NC known for handmade pottery. Seagrove and the surrounding area is sometimes referred to as the “pottery capital of NC” and even the world.”

In a rural 20-mile area, there are over 90 pottery shops; pottery making has continued here uninterrupted over the past two centuries. It is a fun and interesting place to visit. There is no way you can make it to all the shops in one visit. It is one of my favorite places to go, so I have favorites that are a “must” each time I go back. In many of the shops, the potters can be viewed as they work on the wheels, shaping the lumps of clay into pitchers, vases, bowls, oil lamps, etc. that will eventually be glazed and fired in wood or gas burning kilns.

Going from shop to shop, some of which are small, rustic structures, is an experience that visitors from all over the world enjoy year round. It is a peaceful setting, the pottery varies in style, shape and glaze, but all beautifully made, and the prices can’t be beat.