One good thing about being involved in different music websites is the new musicians and music you discover. I came across the music of Rafael Zacher, from Barcelona, on Reverbnation. There is one of his songs in particular that I really like, "Sweetly Alone;" the tune kept playing over and over in my head. "Sweetly Alone" is a piano piece. It has a lovely melody and combines sections of fast, lively tempo with slow, more solemn sounding ones. Listening to this song, I think about the title the musician has chosen for it and how, to me, the music so accurately "describes" the state of being alone. Being alone can be "sweet," a time for quiet reflection, a time of doing what you want to do without the need to consider the desires of someone else. But, it can also be a sad, solemn time, when you ache for the presence of another human being with whom to share the moment.

I don't know that this is what Rafael Zacher had in mind with this piece. But, I think it is an enjoyable song to listen to, and the catchy melody is definitely one that stays with me.