My niece is about to graduate from college with a degree in music. She plays a variety of instruments, but her true love is percussion - marimba, vibraphone, etc. I attended her final college percussion ensemble concert tonight. It was wonderful classical pieces and one piece an adaptation of the hymn, O Sacred Head, Now Wounded, that had been written in memory of a friend of the composer. The interesting thing about music performed by a percussion ensemble is that some of it is loud and booming, some soft and melodic. I have to admit that I prefer the pieces with a recognizable melody, but I also appreciate the difficulty and skill it takes to perform the pieces that, to my untrained ear are lacking in a distinct melody.

Following the main percussion ensemble concert, my niece played in a short steel drum concert. Listening to the lively, tropical-sounding music of the steel drums always makes me feel good. It's hard to listen to it and not tap a foot or move to the beat of the music.

In a matter of a couple of hours tonight, I had the privilege of enjoying a great variety of music. I couldn't help but think what an important and joyful part of life music is for me. And, regardless of the type of music, the instument(s) on which it is played, music is a powerful factor in the lives of most everyone. I am very glad it is so much a part of my life, and that my niece has chosen music as her career.