I have been playing with a new toy today - - a software program that allows you to cut a long music session down to a clip that can be uploaded on web sites such as MySpace.com. music2work2 sessions are typically much longer than ordinary songs; that's part of their beauty and benefit as background music to listen to while performing a task or concentrating on something. In the past, Andrew had to be the one to make clips of the sessions since I did not have the software for doing so. Now that my computer is upgraded, I have the software, too. I haven't quite learned all about it yet, but it certainly is fun to be able to select certain portions of a session as a clip of the session. When I have mastered doing this, I will be able to prepare clips of new sessions Andrew records and upload them for others to hear, rather than him having to find the time to do it. I am so glad to have my computer upgraded!