Paul Resnikoff's article, "Are Paid Downloads Dead," in the Oct. 6, Digital Music News Daily Snapshot is indeed worrisome to me, a new participant in a digital music venture. Since the business model for music2work2 is based on digital distribution and sales, paid downloads are a major part of the life-blood of the business. With the price of downloads so low now, I don't know how they can be much lower and prohibiting all P2P sharing would seem to me to be futile, as well as detrimental to viral marketing or advertising.

I realize there are other ways for music2work2 to survive, and hopefully building a fan base will mean that people who really appreciate the music and concept of music2work2 would always be willing to pay for the product.  But, if you are in the beginning stage of a business venture of which customers paying to download your music is the basic premise, Resnikoff's title is a pretty scary thought.