A while back, I spent a great deal of time finding websites on which I could upload music2work2 clips so that others could hear our music. Each website of course had its own rules and regulations about how many pieces of music you could upload and how the website operates - whether listeners could rate your music, if you could form a network of friends, etc. All these websites and their uses were new to me; I hadn't exactly spent time on music download sites prior to becoming involved in music2work2. One of the sites on which we registered music2work2 and uploaded our music was FIQL.com; it is known as the "playlist sharing community." We have a couple of playlists set up there. Today we received an email saying that someone had bumped one of our playlists. When I read that, I immediately thought that it was something bad - - like bumped our playlist off. But, when I went to the website, I found out that it is actually good, a compliment - - it means that someone especially liked our playlist Background Music.

With everything else that has been going on lately, I haven't had time to check back with the other websites very often, certainly not often enough that I remember how each one functions. I see that it is something that I definitely need to do!