I pretty much took the day off yesterday, in celebration of my birthday. That is the reason no blog was posted. Birthdays are strange times when you reach my age..........depressing on the one hand because you realize so much of your life is over. I have gone through many really horrible times in my life, so I should actually be thankful to have made it through all that and to have reached this age. At times, I am kind of amazed that in spite of too many surgeries to count and all the pain I have lived with since I was born, that I am actually still here, keeping on keeping on.

The good part about birthdays, even at my age, is the realization that so many friends care enough about you to remember your birthday and wish you well. I am extremely grateful for the friends in my life, who have gone through so many of the bad and difficult times with me; and for my family who has been a part of them all, who has stuck by me, made accommodations for me when my physical limitations have been a problem, and who take on additional work doing things for me, as well as what they need to do for themselves. A great deal of credit goes to friends and family that I have managed to reach this age..............No, it's not 80, 70 or even 60 - -- between 50 and 60 - - but at times it seems like 100!