Session built around three different beats all at 113 beats per minute - love the "Teenage Poetry" voice from the Triton Extreme[audio:1132.5.mp3| titles=113 |artists=music2work2]

I like to have this on and just dream, come up with new stuff - if I'm tackling a particular problem this helps me work through it.

Problem solving is one of the things that fascinates me - the idea of how do you do something if you have never done it before. The idea that as kids we are taught basic tools and techniques and then we string those together, build on them, to develop even more complex techniques which we can apply to new situations etc. What I get excited about is true innovation - that moment when you make a little leap into the unknown and come up with something truly new and unique - that is what this music is for.

music2work2 - 2008 Part 1 at CD baby