Lots of recent studies that have been killing the whole baby Mozart theory - and as is normal - the pendulum swings the other way and people start to question if music really does give long term benefits.  Fortunately there are plenty of people working in this field and evidence is beginning to build.  While we wait for larger studies it's hard to argue against the real world experiences of people like Lisha Lecari and the music program she now has running in 100 New York elementary schools.


For me the takeaway is that while music may not change your physical pre-disposition or "allocation" of IQ (if it is a finite thing!) - incorporating music learning into children's early development does seem to enhance cognitive processing that delivers benefits across a wide range of activities from math, through language, through general well being.  What's not to love?


you can read more about Lisha Lecari's Music and the Brain program here.

Image Credit: Focus by woodleywonderwonks - Flickr

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