Music to Write to Playlist - 5 Tracks - 44 minutes


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Track Listing

Prewriting - 14:34
Drafting - 7:34
Revising - 11:36
Proof Reading - 7:18
Publishing - 3:03


Playlist Notes:

music2work2 is particularly popular with students, our busiest times are between April and May as everyone hustles for finals.

One of the most popular search terms is "music to write to" as well as "Essay writing music," so we thought we'd give the people what they want!

This is a 5 track playlist based around the 5 rules of the writing process: Prewriting, Drafting, Revision, Proofreading and Publishing.  The plan was to produce a piece of music to reflect the process but by the time I got to the Proofreading stage I felt a little constricted - so I ignored it all ;-p read the liner notes here to see how I really feel about the "Rules of writing!"

The artwork for the playlist comes from amateur photographer Ian Hayhurst. You can see more of Ian's imagery here, and you can see the original uncut image here.