Create Flow Playlist - 5 Tracks - 1 hour 3 minutes


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Track Listing

Surreal - 12:28
Encouragement - 20:59
Sanity - 10:56
Insanity - 5:16
Wishes & Lies - 13:46


Playlist Notes:

The music on this playlist was all created from a state of flow; the intent being that you'll get there too if you have this on in the background.

Don't know what flow is?  Yes you do - you've experienced it - we all have.  Remember that amazing feeling when you suddenly look up and not only has time flown by - but you've just cranked out a load of really great work - almost without thinking?  Yeah - you were in a state of flow.

To me it's when I'm producing without thinking - when I'm not worried about what I know or what I don't, I'm just chasing down an idea, totally lost in the process and everything becomes easy.  

Flow is cool!

Just for fun I've blended in some ocean noise with a couple of the tracks - I took the camera down to Leo Carillo state beach and balanced it precariously on a rocky outcrop and shot the surf for a while.   It certainly brings some interest to the audio and some motion and indeed "flow" to the videos.  Oh and yes - I couldn't resist doing one glow stick track!

The image used across all five tracks is from Singapore based photographer Kylie Woon - I fell in love with the movement and the color palette and felt that it conveyed the idea of "Flow" in a really cool way.  Kylie has a really interesting perspective on the world, you should check out her imagery here on Flickr.