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The visit of my friend from Texas has come to an end and I took her to the airport to return home this afternoon. It was an enjoyable visit, although it is a little tiring for me to have guests here. Not that I can wait on them or even be a very good host, but just the change in routine makes things somewhat difficult.

I hope that now that Doogan and I are here alone, we can really get down to getting him accustomed to being left alone without his “freaking out,” and can get settled into a routine that suits him and me. He doesn’t like to be left in a crate; tiny, little fellow that he is, somehow he bent the metal bars of the crate. His foster mom was not expecting him to have separation anxiety, but unfortunately, he does. He has bonded with me quickly and I am crazy about him - - we just have a few issues that need to be sorted out.