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This has been a sad day. My friend and partner in music2work2 has lost Lola, one of his dogs. She had an illness from which she could not recover. She was a sweet, loving little dog. I know she was a source of joy for her family and they loved her very much. Caring about people, having friends, means that when they are hurting, you hurt also. It is a helpless feeling to watch friends in pain from a loss, knowing that no words or acts can make the hurt go away. You just hope that their knowing that you care about them and share their pain will somehow help a little.

When I lost my dog, Cassie, about 6 months ago, Andrew gave me the wonderful gift of a piece of music written just for her. I don't have the ability to do anything like that for him; I can only send him and his family love and wishes for comfort and strength during this time of loss.