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Review: Sora - Celtic / World Music with an Angel Voice

We're on a Celtic kick at the moment - not least 'cos of the free website giveaway that a musician / band or artist can win over at Kilted Chaos - but specifically because this week we've been listening to the music of Sora.

Sora is a Canadian Celtic / World singer songwriter who's new album Heartwood has just been released; you can hear it streaming on MySpace by clicking on the image below.

Sor's Music on MySpace


Immediate reference points are Enya & Loreena McKinnitt but Sora is all about the voice - and what a voice; it reminds me of the double edged broadsword that William Wallace wields in Braveheart - which could sound pretty scary but she has the control to harness its power & deliver some of the simplest and cleanest melodies I've heard in a long while. My mum would absolutely love this.

Sora's music can be found on a number of web sites, but her MySpace page is probably the easiest - there are 10 tracks available for streaming from Heartwood and they're all worth getting to know. Quick note on her production and the musicianship of her band - they're great! You can buy Heartwood from CDbaby

One of the things that I think Sora does well is the use of her video blogs - she has an infectious personality and is clearly passionate about what she does - you can see them on her website and her facebook page. Her website looks as though it could use a hand as getting around is a little difficult - she should definitely enter this competition.

Sora's official web site is