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The Effect Of Music Listening On Work Performance

When music2work2 was still somewhat in the planning stages, we decided to do some research and see if others felt as we do that “music is good for you.” Andrew's psychology degree influenced his thinking on this and you can read the write up of his final year dissertation here - Why listening to music can make you smarter.

One of the articles that pops up regularly for this search is “The effect of music listening on work performance” by Teresa Lesiuk at the University of Windsor. She reports on the results of a Canadian study that measured work quality, time-on-task and workers’ mood when listening to music. The study showed a positive affect - that quality-of-work was better with music, and time-on-task was longer when music was removed. The workers also noted a positive mood alteration when music was played.

See - we knew it - music is good for you - particularly when you want to get things done. So - if you have that blog post to write or paper to finish, why don't you head on over to Identification - get yourself some music2work2 and get to work!