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149 - Thea Development

Following up from Thursday's theme development for an Aerial hoop routine - here it is at 149 - and yes - it's a little fast![audio:| titles=149 Thea Development|artists=music2work2] Download I think this is going to sit nicely around 142 or there abouts - but I like where it is going.

It cracks me up how a tempo change can dramatically alter the entire piece. The direction from the artist is for something that grows and ultimately feels orgasmic - that kind of build up and cathartic release followed by a gentle subsidence. This of course sounds nothing like that - but now that I have the theme dialed in I think we can now get it there.

At the moment there are two parts and I'm thinking a third might be appropriate - one in which the first two themes are fused to deliver the climax of the piece - Hmmm - think I'll play with that tonight.