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Travis, Ode to J. Smith

So it's Saturday and I'm sitting here putting the correct meta-data on all the free 5 minute samples at - should have done this a while ago - you can stream the track, download the sample and you don't even need to register! Anyway - while I'm doing this I'm listening to Travis' new album Ode to J. Smith streaming at, I'm on my second listen and it's pretty damn cool.  My sister introduced me to Travis and I fell in love with their album The Man Who - they're almost, but not entirely unlike if you took say - Radiohead, Oasis, Weezer and perhaps Nickel Creek -  mixed them around and then gave whatever came out a big bowl of something.

You can check out the Travis' official site here - I just went looking for the album on Amazon - it isn't there - bummer.  Interestingly enough the album image on the front page is a link to the itunes store - and I can't see any other way of buying the album - you know - if they'd had a little widget that I could have put in this post with a listen and a purchase link - then I would have!

Oh and thanks to @tindle for getting me to blog this.

Album cover from Travis Ode to J. Smith