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Jeneric 19 minutes 26 seconds

Piano, Strings, Organ & Beats for Jennifer & Eric


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Here's another piece written for two beautiful people who just announced their engagement; Congratulations Jennifer & Eric - may you have a long and wonderful life together.

I've been laughing over the name of this track - Jeneric - I'm sure people have been watching the development of it and going - "Silly Andrew - doesn't know how to spell generic, and also - why would you call a unique piece of music Generic!?" Well - now that you know the piece was written for Jennifer and Eric, I'm guessing you can work the title out, also, there's nothing like a little misinformation to get people thinking.

This is the first track that I have developed to completion in 2009 and it's getting published in November - yep, it's been an "interesting" year. The track continues 2008's foray into working with beat tracks, Eric listens to a lot of dub music and I wanted to reflect some of that in the underlying groove of the track. As for the tempo - well - after a little research I found that Jennifer is the 84th most popular name for girls whereas Eric is the 86th most popular name for boys - so - I split the difference and the track is cut at 85 beats per minute!

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