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Feelin' Alright Coverin' Joe Cocker

Listen to Feelin' Alright - the Joe Cocker version - is an awesome track - I first heard it when playing with Stirling Brig - we were thinking of covering it back then.  I was going to link to the versions of the track on YouTube - but I wouldn't recommend them - get the studio version - it's in a different league.  It just has this killer groove - driven by that bongo percussion and insanely simple piano lick.  I'm sitting here trying to work it out on the table - and it's nuts!  The left hand / right hand relationship is just - well - to me - it' just cool!

I'm putting it forward as possible cover song for Kelli - along with:

Gimme Some Lovin -Spencer Davis Group We Are the Champions - Queen Me & Bobby McGee - Janis Joplin

I love the fact that we're going to be adding covers to the set - it makes huge sense - and of course, it means we get to play some great songs.  It also means that the pressure's on - the performance has to be unique - has to be Kelli's - has to be as good if not better than the original - and when you're taking on tracks like these - well - I don't think you can ever be "better" - but you can make them you're own if you have big enough balls!

So - how about doing the Joe Cocker track on a B3 organ - give the piano groove to the Bass and just see where it goes from there...?  Instead of having the organ on the Spencer Davis track - have that as piano driven - Me & Bobby McGee would need to be sexed up - instead of the acoustic approach - putting this with the instrumentation from Can't and popping the tempo a bit - Kelli and I did an acoustic version back in 02 that's got an interesting groove to it - we could "Jeff" that up and turn it into an out and out rocker - as for we are the Champions - I have no idea how to approach that!  Of course - there's 4 other players in the room who will all have their own ideas - it's going to be a fantastic experience putting these together.

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