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From Fucking to Kissing

Yes I'm totally writing risque titles to grab your attention - but hey - the movie is centered on sex and they do actually kiss and cuddle at the end of it!! ;-p

I've been working on a couple of things with this theme - one is how to sync with the actual animation; the scenes intertwine lovemaking with abstract mandala imagery and I think I've solved how to manage that; you might hear at the beginning of the clip how I'm staying on the root for a few bars before ascending the theme - it's something I'll be developing over the next few weeks.

The second issue is how to transition from the frenzy of the act into the calmer and infinitely more romantic kiss at the end - and while this version isn't exactly right, it definitely opens a doorway to where I want to take it.

For now I'm just using the image of the Mandala - not quite ready to post some of the Kama Sutra stock images just yet!!!!

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