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Helping a Family in Croatia

One of the great things about the Creative Commons license that we use on music2work2, is that it enables other media creators to easily use our music in their projects. Last week we got a request from a Croatian channel asking if they could use the music from Irene to highlight the problems that a local family are facing after their house burned down last year.

If like us you don't speak or read Croatian, the family in the video lost everything in a terrible fire more than a year ago. They were put into an absolute ruin of a house without flowing water and just one room that is safe from collapse and that can be heated. Apparently they have been forgotten by social services in Croatia so a number of independent artists have got together to raise awareness of their plight. Video's like this are used to get people interested in helping them out.

If you would like to use music2work2 in a project - give us a shout