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Victoria - 7 minutes 15 seconds

Sisters rock and Victoria Richardson rocks more than most...


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Written for my sister Victoria's 40th, this starts out as a very delicate, almost melancholic piece and turns into something rather beautiful. The major melody at 4:50 is sung in my head as 4 distinct notes: "Vic-to...-ri-a."

Happy Birthday Vic - remember any of these...?

Standing up for me when I was being bullied
Letting me hang out with your cool friends
Dancing In the gay bars in Glasgow
Establishing whether people cook Turkey or not
The attic in Germany – the poor people –
The leaning bloody tower of Piza!
The artist vs. business
The "Fuck You Forehead"
T In the Park
Meeting Wendi
Hearing about Dan
Meeting Dan
Meeting Callum
Meeting Charlotte

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