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Weepr - Free Beats & Music Maker

I was settling down to write the page for Sexercise when Alex over at Stramash Consulting tweeted about a new music app called weepr.

It's kind of like sitting in a Japanese dentist's waiting room on 'shrooms - not that I've actually experienced that - but - I'm thinking....

It's a lot of fun to play with and the interface is really simple and intuitive; sure there's a hundred things that aren't right with it and certain simple features that would make it a hell of lot easier to use - but who cares - it's free and puts making music into everybody's hands and I'm all for that. As Alex says it need's an audio export function - you can hack your sound card if you want to invest the time - but I suspect Weepr know what they are doing. The easiest way to demonstrate what you have created is to publish their widget - and in doing so you (in this case - me) promote the Weepr brand - cunning.

I imagine they'll have a premium release somewhere down the line which they'll market to those who were curious enough to hand over their email to play with the free version. I seriously doubt that they're going to tempt musicians away from the tools they're already using, but, if they can make it easy for "non-musicians" to enjoy creating with it - and remember - there are a hell of lot more non-musicians than there are musicians - maybe they can create a new market and encourage more people to play with music - and wouldn't that be cool!