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Andrew and Charlotte

Andrew and Charlotte

 I don’t have a musical bone in my body but I do really enjoy listening to music of all kinds.  Growing up, the radio or stereo was always on in my parent’s house; my father, sister and brother all had musical abilities. My life with EDS has involved many surgeries and long periods of recuperation; listening to music helped make the time go by and was soothing to me.

Andrew and I first met at EDNF when I was the Director of Local Groups.  We worked together to build one of the first patient advocacy online communities and found that regardless of geography, we worked very well together.  When Andrew began to develop music to work to, he asked if I would be interested in researching the project.  I shared his belief that music is good for you - that music benefits people in so many ways, and was happy to help.

Being involved with music2work2 has opened areas of technology and learning for me that I would never have expected to come to at this late date in my life.  I am having a great time learning new skills, listening to new artists and helping to spread beautiful music to people everywhere.


Andrew McCluskey

Andrew McCluskey

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the dark forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top. They would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

Although I've always played, I haven't always been a musician.  Most of my twenties were spent working with people, buying and selling and learning how the world works.  It was in my thirties that I came to America and focused on music.

music2work2 grew out of the years where I was juggling both music and corporate careers.  I would listen to my morning practice sessions while working on strategy documents and lose myself in my work.

I'd attain the place that Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes as a state of flow far faster than if I listened to other artists.

I think music is good for you, and instrumental piano driven music is pretty good stuff to have on when you're working with your mind.


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- Use music to regulate your mood
- music2work2 will calm your mind & help you focus