Music in the Foreign Language Classroom: How & Why It Works

We have recently adopted a new approach to the kind of content that will be appearing on music2work2. One of the things that Charlotte and I agreed upon at the beginning of the year was that we wanted to share more about how music really can affect us all. We're using a new tool - which helps us stay on top of all the information out there - and when we find something that we think is relevant and that you'd find interesting, we'll post it here on the blog. We're also sending out relevant tweets and posting separate content to the new Facebook page.

I thought this article on using music in the classroom was a perfect addition to the site - any teachers out there who would like to do this and would like some music2work2 for their classrooms - get in touch - we're always happy to help out the Teachers - without you - where would any of us be!


You might benefit from using background music in your foreign language classroom as a way to help students focus and concentrate while making the learning experience enjoyable. Music has been proven as a ...
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