Essay Writing Music Playlist - 5 Tracks - 43 minutes


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Track Listing

Essay Writing Music - 12:43
Introduction - 2:11
Getting Back Together - 9:16
Birdsong - 12:48
Strings (2) - 6:12


Playlist Notes:

"Essay writing music" - it's the number one search term on our YouTube channel, just before music to write to.

I knew that for this playlist I wanted to focus on the string parts - the violins, violas and cellos.  In order to free up some head space, I worked around a fairly straightforward  piano track - a simple walk down that could be developed without having to worry too much about structure. 
The seasons were changing in Los Angeles while I was recording and at times the birdsong was almost deafening.   It just felt right to incorporate some of that sound into one of the tracks and I think it works very well.  There are many benefits we as human beings experience when exposed to birdsong - for evolutionary reasons you should feel a little more relaxed and secure!
The amazing image that goes with the playlist was commissioned from one of my favorite artists, Jody Bateman Johnston.  I gave her very little direction outside of - it should be about essay writing, it should convey the essence of flow and it should have loads of neutral space to accommodate track listing and logos.  I love it.  You can see more of Jody's work on Instagram